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August 31, 2010
Support the Thornhill Woods Eruv! The Thornhill Woods Eruv as maintained by the Thornhill North Eruv Committee is used by members of all shuls in Thornhill Woods. Please support this very important project. Click here for more information.

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Thornhill Woods Shul and Jewish Community

Our Mission
Committed to developing an interpersonal, dynamic and meaningful Jewish community in Canada's fastest growing Jewish neighbourhood.
Arranging community, learning and social events and programs for the Thornhill Woods Community
Friendly, approachable Rabbi's delivering classes on Judaism, creating discussion groups and building relationships.

Our Vision
The Thornhill Woods Shul is presently located at 23 Zola Gate in Thornhill Woods. With immediate plans to build a permanent Community Center in the middle of Thornhill Woods.

Become a part of this growing community!

Candle Lighting


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